Septic Service

Septic ServiceTile Pros, a sister company to TMI Services, provides premier septic system services in North Central Iowa. We provide complete septic solutions for residential needs. Our staff are experienced and trained in the handling septic tank installations and cleanings.

Our Septic Services include:

  • Septic pumping
  • Filter cleaning
  • New installation
  • Inspections & time transfer
  • Repairs
  • Vault restroom pumping

Being responsible in the care and maintenance of your septic system will ensure a positive impact on the ground water.

How often your septic tank needs pumped is determined by:

  • the size of your tank (its volume),
  • the number of people it supports,
  • the frequency of showers, laundry, and flushing,
  • the amount of inorganic material introduced,
  • the design and condition of your leaching field, and
  • the type of soil in the leaching field.

The accumulated solids in the bottom of the tank should be pumped out every 3 – 4 years to prolong the life of the septic system.Neglect of a system can cause it to fail.

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